Online seminar "Fundraising for project financing".

in cooperation with the Kulturbüro RLP e.V.


Learn from the professionals

The big charities and environmental organizations show how to successfully acquire donations. You can leave fundraising to chance or approach it strategically, and then with appropriate success. The good news is, any cultural organization, no matter how large or small, can achieve different goals through fundraising. It's not just the monetary desire, but also, for example, the building of meaningful contacts and networks, the expansion and exchange of resources, public awareness, dialogue around the organization's content and objectives, and much more that can be associated with fundraising. It is important that the fundraising campaign fits the organization and the target groups and that the resources are sufficient for it. In exchange and with examples, we look at the fundraising year together. To do this, we work in the online workshop with input and in breakout sessions.


- Learning from examples

- Using resources

- The right action at the right time

- What should I look out for in fundraising campaigns?

- Together you are not alone - cooperation is the keyword

- Costs and benefits of fundraising campaigns





Teaching team:

Doris Elfert

Graduate fundraising consultant, trainer, continuing education, coaching; project manager at ThEx Frauensache, mentoring for founders and female entrepreneurs; honorary chairwoman of Bürgerstiftung Weimar www.mittel-wege.de 

Number of participants: approx. 20
Course start: Tue., 18.03.2021, 14:00 h
Course end: Tue., 18.03.2021, 17:00 h


Notes on registration: Registration is through the Kulturbüro Rheinland-Pfalz: