In the Meisterhaus and the Musikerhof, the two central buildings of the academy, 81 beds in 30 rooms are available. The rooms are equipped with one to four beds each. It is possible to occupy the rooms as single, double or shared rooms without any problems. Each room has its own bathroom with shower and WC. Some rooms are handicapped accessible. With the elevators built into the houses, all overnight rooms as well as dormitories and studios are easily accessible. If the accommodation facilities in the academy are not sufficient, rooms from Schloss Engers GmbH or other partners in the direct vicinity will be added according to availability.

Meals are taken in the vaults of the Schloss Engers Restaurant in rooms reserved especially for the academy. A breakfast buffet, a lunch buffet with a choice of two dishes, including one vegetarian dish, and a cold evening buffet with a warm side dish await you.

The vaulted cellar in the Musikerhof is available for social gatherings. If the weather is fine, a stay outside is recommended.