Online training for choral work pop/jazz with Erik Sohn

1. rehearsal work about Zoom
2. arranging for pop choir

Online seminar in two modules (can also be booked individually)

in cooperation with the CV RLP, the Chorverband der Pfalz and the BMU

The advanced training offer is an alternative to the choir coaching pop/jazz, which was unfortunately cancelled thi

1. rehearsal work via Zoom - Thursday, 17.09.2020, 15:00 to 17:30

The last weeks and months have shown that despite the corona-induced digital hype, rehearsal work with the entire choir in one room cannot be replaced one-to-one by video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, as simultaneous music making and listening are not possible. Nevertheless, video platforms enable various methods of rehearsal work that can complement regular rehearsal work even after the pandemic.

The seminar deals

in the first part with:

- the technical requirements: what is necessary, what brings additional advantages.

- helpful settings of the Zoom program.

- tools such as a cell phone as a second camera.

- the creation of playback material for the rehearsal.

in the second part with:

- rehearsal work via Zoom.

- an adapted rehearsal methodology.

- the independent small group work in the breakout rooms.


2. arranging for pop choir - Friday, 18.09.2020, 15:00 to 17:30

The seminar provides an insight into arranging work and offers both beginners basic tips and considerations, as well as advanced students new or complementary impulses for their own work.

Topics are:

- Prerequisites and basic considerations for an arrangement.

- Development of own ideas: Playful experimentation with rhythms and sounds. Small excursion with GarageBand.

- Exemplary approach based on the arrangement of A Line In The Sand by Linkin Park.

- Arrangement examples: what works, what doesn't.

In the un-up to the training, the prerequisites and needs of the participants will be asked in order to be able to adapt the contents of the seminar.

Teaching team:

Erik Sohn, who grew up in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, studied music and German language and literature in Cologne. After his state examination, he took up vocal studies in Dortmund with Prof. Berthold Schmid. In addition to his busy work as a classical concert singer, Erik Sohn is in demand in the field of popular vocal music as a coach for vocal ensembles, a cappella bands and choirs. He has been a lecturer in this field since 2006 and a professor at the Cologne University of Music and Dance since 2011. Together with Stephan Görg, he is the director of the jazz-pop choir Vocal Journey there and initiator of the annual festival for popular vocal music "voc.cologne", which takes place in January.

Number of participants: approx. 25
Course start: Thursday, 17.09.2020, 15:00
Course end: Friday, 18.09.2020, 17:30
Note on date: 1st module: Thursday, 17.09.2020, 15:00-17:30
2nd module: Friday, 18.09.2020, 15:00-17:30

both modules 50 €

single workshop 30 €


Participation with a smartphone is not recommended, as program overlays and notes are simply displayed too small. Please use computer/laptop/tablet.

Notes on registration: The registration takes place via the Landesmusikakademie Rheinland-Pfalz

This course is recognized by the Pädagogisches Landesinstitut Rheinland-Pfalz under Az. MA.2052 as serving official interests.