Ensemble playing for zithers

The seminar is aimed at players who want to experience advancement in solo and ensemble playing on the zither and enjoy making music in an ensemble. The focus is on casual music making in an ensemble. Improvement of solo playing through assistance with instrumental technique and working out pieces in individual lessons is also possible upon request. 

Players of all ages and with different playing levels are welcome. The basic techniques of playing the zither should already be mastered. Playing to music is also a prerequisite.

Be there, join in, have fun, make contacts, exchange experiences and get together...

Teaching team:

Johannes Schubert was a federal prize winner at Jugend musiziert and gives a variety of concerts as a soloist. He has successfully completed the B-course "The Zither in the Classroom".  Info: www.zither-spieler.de

Bettina Aleithe is a state-approved instrumental teacher for concert zither with more than fifteen years of teaching experience.  As a soloist she can be heard many times. www.zitheristin.net

Olaf Detlefsen is a state-approved instrumental teacher for concert zither. He received his training from Michael Aures, Lili Grünwald-Brandlmeier and Tomy Temerson. In addition to his teaching activities, he can be heard as a soloist.


Course start: Thursday, 15.07.2021, 15:00
Course end: Sunday, 18.07.2021, 14:00
Notes on registration: Registration is via the DZB: Johannes Schubert - info@zither-spieler.de / 0160 93888713

This course is recognized by the Pädagogisches Landesinstitut Rheinland-Pfalz under Az. MA.2139 as serving official interests.