Just Sing! - with Markus Detterbeck

Various impulses for a creative use of the voice

Our workshop is about singing with fun, about contemporary, inspiring but also constructive voice and choir work in schools and youth choirs. Using a variety of exercises and examples from the literature, we will try out practical ways of working on and implementing them together, which will offer new ways of dealing with the voice in making music together. On these days we will encounter selected canons, playful warm-ups, groovy circle songs and attractive choral pieces (also in the instrumentation with only one male voice) from the pop, rock and ethnic genres. The goal is that the pieces can be successfully performed in a school or youth choir and that they arouse enthusiasm in the singers as well as in the director.

Aspects such as choral voice training, motivation, phrasing, groove, body percussion and vocussion play an important role during the development. In addition, there are many tips and tricks: how do I use my body to make singing easier; how can I shape the expression in such a way that the composition becomes more effective and really comes into its own; which stylistic aspects play an important role; how can I usefully support the rehearsal work on the piano?

On Tuesday evening, a joint choir exchange with "best practice" examples is planned. Participants will be asked to send in their school/youth choir hit, i.e. the piece that has had the best success with the singers so far.

Contents at a glance

- Singing in, voice training, body-voice-movement, pop sound

- Activating start-ups, rhythm games, building rhythm training...

- Literature: pop choir, ethno choir, canons for school and youth choir

- Creative ways of teaching songs, canons, choral pieces (rehearsal methodology)

- Stylistic interpretation of choral pieces

- Various impulses and practice tips on voice, rhythm, groove, listening to each other...

Teaching team:

Dr. Markus Detterbeck works as an author, choir director, conductor, composer, speaker and school musician. As an internationally sought-after speaker and guest conductor, he is regularly active in many countries (including Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Iran, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico). Longer study stays in South Africa, Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico. Lectureships in music education and ensemble/choral conducting at various music colleges and universities (Würzburg, Frankfurt, Weimar, Halle/Saale). Numerous compositions, arrangements, book publications and specialist contributions in various award-winning publications (German Education and Media Prize, Comenius EduMedia Seal, VDS Media Prize) document his work. With his choirs, he has successfully participated in choir competitions several times (including the German Choir Competition).

Number of participants: approx. 20
Course start: Tuesday, 11.06.2024, 16:00
Course end: Wednesday 12.06.2024, 16.00
Notes on registration: Registration takes place via the Landesmusikakademie Rheinland-Pfalz.

This course is recognised by the Pädagogisches Landesinstitut Rheinland-Pfalz under Az. MA.2428 as serving official interests.