Elementary music education - Part-time continuing education

Course in six phases with final examination

The further education is aimed at musicians and general educators who would like to acquire a professional qualification for teaching in the field of elementary music education - for infants, children and adults - according to the VdM education plan.

The continuing education is practice-oriented and focuses on the following competencies:

- Basics and structure of elementary music education
- Didactics and methodology of music teaching for toddlers, children and adults
- Correct use of the human voice for children and adults
- Application of relative solmization and rhythmic language according to Kodaly
- Elementary instrumental playing with Orff instruments, body percussion, stomp etc.
- Dance, body movement
- Elementary knowledge and skills in practical music theory, song accompaniment
- Forms of communication; public relations; parental work
- Issues of current educational policy
- Cooperation modalities, also as external cooperation partners

Continuing education serves to expand skills acquired through music studies or several years of professional practice. It is not a substitute for studies at a training institution for music professions, but a further education according to § 12 Hochschulrahmengesetz. An examination is held at the end of the course.

The further education is certified by the Landesverband der Musikschulen RLP and by the Hochschule für Musik Mainz.

Applicants with completed professional training as a music school teacher, school musician, instrumental teacher or another professional qualification with pedagogical professional experience of at least one year are admitted.

Applicants who have not completed professional training may be admitted if they can prove that they have worked for at least three years in one of the above-mentioned professional fields. The course management will decide on the admission of this group of persons after taking note of the evidence submitted.

You will receive a questionnaire about your background when you register.

At the end of the first seminar phase, both the participants and the course management can decide whether to continue attending the course.

Furthermore, the registration for the course is binding for all course phases.

Teaching team:

Christa Schäfer (director), retired lecturer in EMP at the Peter Cornelius Conservatory and the Mainz University of Music

Werner Beidinger, Professor at the Institute for Music and Music Education at the University of Potsdam

Thomas Holland-Moritz, Professor at the Institute for Music at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences for the course "Singing with Children

Andrea Lips, head of the EMP department at the Ostfildern Music School, lecturer at the PH Weingarten, graduate cultural manager

Monika Schelske-Flöter, dance teacher and lecturer for rhythmics at the University of Music Würzburg

Christoph Utz, Director of the Music School Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis, Lecturer for Piano and Organ



Number of participants: approx. 18
Course start: 16:00 each
Course end: 16:00 approximative
Note on date: 59.23.1 - 15.12. to 17.12.2023
59.23.2 - 25.02. to 29.02.2024
59.23.3 - 05.06. to 10.06.2024
59.23.4 - 10.11. to 14.11.2024
59.23.5 - 09.02. to 13.02.2025
59.23.6 - 27.04. to 29.04.2025

meals and accommodation for the individual phases
in a single room 215 € / 570 € / 570 € / 570 € / 215 €
in double room 195 € / 530 € / 530 € / 530 € / 195 €

Notes on registration: Registration takes place via the Landesmusikakademie Rheinland-Pfalz.

This course is recognised by the Pädagogisches Landesinstitut Rheinland-Pfalz under Az. MA.5923 as serving official interests.