Support measures

Support of amateur music

In the past years a subsidy for overnight accomodation and food supply in the Landesmusikakademie was granted for member organizations of the Landesmusikrat Rheinland-Pfalz registered association from means of the ministry. This means that for the guests belonging to the group mentioned above a subsidy of 4 € to 6.50 € per participant and day could be granted. (The reduced subsidy of 4 € will be granted to all groups staying at the Landesmusikakademie for more than two days, as these groups are already regularly charged a reduced starting price).

As a rule, the academy will immediately adjust the invoice amount if the grant is eligible. For more detailed information, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Bildungsprämie (education bonus)

The Bildungaprämie offers financial support for the professional training of employees. The prerequisite for claiming the benefits is a counseling interview at one of the counseling centers, which must take place before registering for the course. Further information is available at

The education bonus is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund of the European Union.

Friends´ Association of the Landesmusikakademie

In individual cases the financing of a course participation can be financially supported by the Friends´ Association of the Landesmusikakademie. Please inquire, if participation in a course is otherwise not possible for you due to financial reasons.