Musical class trip

The "musical class trip" - a special school trip

The Landesmusikakademie offers a lot of space, a great ambience and comfort for various school trips (among other things covered beds, private bathrooms in all rooms, meals in Schloss Engers). Music ensembles from the primary school choir to jazz bands with pupils of the upper school have been finding ideal rehearsal possibilities here directly on the Rhine for a long time. Grand or upright pianos are available in all rooms. Necessary equipment, e.g. music stands or drums are also available and do not have to be transported.

A special offer is the "musical class trip". In cooperation with the music schools of Neuwied and Koblenz, musical modules are offered to help you organize your class trip. With program points such as "Rhythm is Great", "Singing is Fun", a "Drum Workshop" or something similar, music is made with the whole class under expert guidance. Experiencing the fun of making music together and discovering new musical areas are the main focus.

Depending on the age and previous experience of your students, you can choose from offers such as

  • Music with Boomwhackers
  • Trashdrumming (drumming on rain barrels)
  • Body-percussion and Stomp
  • Play Cajón (and build it if necessary)
  • Beatboxing (drum imitation with the voice)
  • Rhythmics and dance
  • Music games - short cuts (games that promote concentration as well as accurate listening, interaction, movement, personal, musical expression and creativity)
  • Instrument carousel (circuit training to get to know the most important instrument groups)
  • JeKis (every child its voice - singing successfully with classes) and much more

The programs are led by experienced music teachers such as Alex Sauerländer, Natascha Fabry and others.

Additionally there is much to experience in the closer environment: Koblenz with a cable car ride to the fortress and a visit to the theater or orchestra, the Neuwieder Zoo, the climbing park or the butterfly garden in Bendorf-Sayn and the abbey church Sayn with the restored Stumm organ are only some of the attractive destinations.