The board of directors consists of five members:
    Peter Stieber as President of the Landemusikrat (chairman of the board)
    Karl Wolff as representative of the Landesmusikrat (vice chairman)
    Dr. Heidrun Miller as representative of Villa Musica (deputy chairwoman)
    Kerstin Goldstein as representative of the state government
    N.N. as representative of the Landesmusikrat

Members of the general assembly:
    Landesmusikrat Rheinland-Pfalz with its president
    and up to eleven other delegates,
    Villa Musica, City of Neuwied, County Neuwied
    up to six individual members

Members of the artistic-pedagogical boardadvisory:
    Rolf Ehlers - director of the Landesmusikakademie    
    Christel Bieger, Andrea Gebhardt, Markus Graf,
    Christa Schäfer - delegate of the Landesmusikrat
    Prof. Alexander Hülshoff, Prof. Dr. Immanuel Ott